Iron Man notebook stencil

From superhero characters in the movie, my favorite one is Iron Man, starting from his first mark 1 that made from shaped solid steel to the latest model of Iron Man are very cool. I even have Iron man poster all over the rooms in my house. I wish i could have Iron Man mark 1 suite like what Adam Savage had in his man cave. Anyway, i would like to show you guys how i print Iron Man stencil on my notebook cover. You definitely can make your own favorite characters stencil with the same method. Here we go..

Materials and Tools:


1.Soldering Iron (sharp tip)

2. Cutter

3. Tape

4. Your favorite character stencil images, You can browse on google by typing for instance ‘iron man stencil’

5. Clear plastic paper






1.Firstly you wanna put your printed Iron Man stencil and put it behind clear plastic paper. Use tape to keep the printed stencil stay in place.

Iron Man fan art


2. Plug your soldering iron into power outlet and heat it up. Once it hot enough, trace the outline of the black side of iron man’s face. Do it slowly and steadily but do not stop on one point too long because you will melt the plastic and make a hole. You don’t want to ruin your favorite character’ face right?!

Trick to make stencil


3. Once you trace all the black line using soldering iron, you need to peel it off using cutter. Many friends asked me why not just cut it using cutter instead soldering iron? well,basically you can but it will difficult to cut the small curve using cutter unless you have a good cutting skill!


This is the end result of my Iron man stencil, looks pretty good although a bit rough and jaggy on the edges. You can smooth it out using fine sandpaper if you want to, but its fine for me so i just keep it like this.

how to make stencil on plastic sheet


4. The last step is preparing the media to be printed. I will print this Iron man’ face on my notebook, so i put the stencil on my notebook cover, mask the area you dont want to get sprayed, and then do a light spray using aerosol paint.


Now i have Iron Man printed on my notebook cover and i am now officially a true Iron man Fan Boy! Beside on notebook cover, you can also print it on the wall,laptop or anywhere you wanted and reuse it!

iron man stencil notebook


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