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We are small team who love making games for living and create something for sharing .

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“Games is not all about playing”

  • When minion replaced chris evan as the Captain America

    When minion replaced chris evan as the Captain America

    Minion character started getting popular since Despicable me movie was launched. Its cute and funny behaviors win people’ hearts. Even the creator of this movie did not realize how this yellow character with its simple shape and thick googles will became this popular, more popular than its movie’ main character ‘Gru’ instead. There are so many people […]

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  • Iron Man notebook stencil

    Iron Man notebook stencil

    From superhero characters in the movie, my favorite one is Iron Man, starting from his first mark 1 that made from shaped solid steel to the latest model of Iron Man are very cool. I even have Iron man poster all over the rooms in my house. I wish i could have Iron Man mark […]

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